Ramon Brugada

Ramon Brugada

Principal Investigador

Ramon Brugada was born in Banyoles in 1966. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 1990. He specialized in internal medicine at Emory University in Atlanta (1995) and in Cardiology at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas (2000). He was a professor at Baylor until 2002, when he was hired as director of the Cardiovascular Genetics Center Masonic Medical Research Laboratory.

In 2005 he joined the Montreal Heart Institute and University of Montreal as a cardiologist and director of the Clinical Cardiovascular Genetics, combining clinical work with research in the genetics of sudden death.

In 2008 he returned home to lead the project of the new Faculty of Medicine of the University of Girona. He is also works at Josep Trueta Hospital as a cardiologist and at the biomedical research institute IDIBGI Girona, as director of Cardiovascular Genetics Center.

He has published over 150 scientific papers in journals and has participated in dozens of scientific conferences worldwide.
Ramon Brugada was admitted to the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia in 2011.

Cardiovascular Genetics Center
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