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    Research-Clinical Care-Public Education-Translation

  • From Girona, welcome to GenCardio

    From Girona, welcome to GenCardio

  • A multidisciplinary effort

    A multidisciplinary effort

Helena Riuró i Càceres

Helena Riuró i Càceres

Degree in Biotechnology

2007 Degree in Biotechnology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona
2008 Masters in Biomedical Research at the University Pompeu Fabra

Currently, doctoral student at the Centre for Cardiovascular Genetics at the University of Girona (Girona) - Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IdIBGi).
Enjoy Predoctoral Fellowship in Health Research Training (PFIS) of the Carlos III Institute and the Ministry of Science and Technology (2009-2013).

Online Research: Study of mutations in the β subunit of cardiac sodium channel causing Brugada syndrome and long QT.

Cardiovascular Genetics Center
IDIBGI C/ Dr Castany s/n
Parc Hospitalari Martí i Julià (M-2)
17290 Salt, Girona
Tel: 872 987087