Epilepsy Gene-Dx.

New panel for genetic analysis of epilepsy and SUDEP (sudden death in epilepsy)

Epilepsy affects 0.5-1.5% of the population and is therefore one of the most important and chronic neurological diseases prevalent. In epilepsy, the main cause of death is sudden death in epilepsy called SUDEP.

SUDEP death is sudden, unexpected, from someone who previously suffered from epilepsy without detecting another cause of death in the autopsy. Each year, one in every 1,000 individuals with epilepsy die of SUDEP. Recent studies indicate that there may be a genetic predisposition to sudden death during epileptic episode.

The Centre for Cardiovascular Genetics has developed GenEpilepsy-Dx. This genetic panel to analyze up to 127 genes associated with epilepsy and SUDEP simultaneously by tecnologiade massive sequencing. These genes are associated with disorders

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