Ramon Brugada is admitted to the Real Acadèmia de Medicina de Catalunya

Ramon Brugada is admitted to the Real Acadèmia de Medicina de Catalunya

March 7, 2011

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Ramon Brugada, was admitted on Sunday to the Reial Acadèmia de Medicina de Catalunya, as a full member, in an extraordinary public meeting held in Barcelona.

The session was chaired by the rector of the University of Girona, Anna M. Geli, and the president and the general secretary of the Academy,
Jacinto Corbella and Ramon Trias , respectively.

Ramon Brugada delivered his inaugural address focusing on comprehensive health education in the XXI century, which was answered by cardiologist Antoni Bayes de Luna.

The Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia, created in 1770 and headquartered in Carmen Street of Barcelona, is the advisory body of health and justice authorities, which promotes studies of Catalan History of Medicine and debates on topical health issues .

Cardiologist Ramon Brugada (Banyoles, 1966), Dean of the Faculty of Medicine since its inception, Josep Trueta Hospital cardiologist and director of the Cardiovascular Genetics Center (CGC) UdG-IDIBGI, described in 1992-along with his brothers Peter and Joseph -the Brugada syndrome. Brugada syndrome is one of the most common causes of sudden cardiac death.

Brugada also directs the newly created Chair of Cardiovascular Diseases University of Girona, which devises strategies to improve detection, prevention and treatment of diseases associated with sudden death, and is supported by La Caixa.

The Chair of Cardiovascular Diseases bases its strategy in organizing awareness events for sudden death prevention, promotion and collaboration on national and international meetings, and the organization of seminars and lectures by experts in the field as well as grant funding for medical students of the University of Girona, focused in the subject of study of the new center.

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