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  • Cardiovascular Genetics Center

    Cardiovascular Genetics Center

GenCardio, a global project

In the past 20 years a new field in cardiology has been developing; cardiovascular genetics, which deals with the investigation of hereditary factors causing heart disease. The findings have been so significant that cardiovascular genetics has been incorporated into daily practice to improve the treatment and prevention of hereditary heart disease.

Building on the momentum of the new Faculty of Medicine and the Girona Biomedical Research Center IdIBGi, the Cardiovascular Genetics Center was launched in 2009, a center with experienced professionals in all scientific and clinical aspects of inherited cardiovascular diseases.

The Center for Cardiovascular Genetics combines  1) clinical and laboratory research, 2) development of sophisticate diagnostic tools; 3) highly specialized clinical assessment of patients and relatives, and 4) public and professional education.

The experience of many years has taught us that biomedical research only makes sense if it is able to make scientific findings available to the physician and the patient, either in the form of new tools for diagnosis and treatment, or as new knowledge for better disease prevention.

Without this transfer from the laboratory to clinical practice, the chain of improving health and quality of life loses an essential link.

From Girona, a global project in the field of cardiovascular disease and sudden death.

Cardiovascular Genetics Center
IDIBGI C/ Dr Castany s/n
Parc Hospitalari Martí i Julià (M-2)
17290 Salt, Girona
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